About Us

Our Story 

Who Is SheBadBoutique? 

SheBadBoutique is a small retail ecommerce business, located in New York that was founded in 2018 by two individuals that collectively have an extensive knowledge in the retail market that would like to share their visions with the rest of the world. We at SheBadBoutique thrive to provide excellent customer service, while providing the latest fashion at an affordable price. 


Why Was SheBadBoutique Started? 

The reason to why SheBadBoutique was started is quite simple, and it’s to get our vision out in the world. So as mentioned previously, the individuals collectively have over 17 years of retail experience ranging from cashiers to customer service managers, customer service managers to department specialist, department specialist to managers. So, with all the experience between the two and all the information learned SheBadBoutique was started. 


What Is SheBadBoutique Vision? 

Our vision at SheBadBoutique is not only to fill your wardrobe with the latest style pieces, but we want to ensure that every time you wear one of our products you “slay the look”. Also, we do not want you to just think of us as an “online store”, but more of an extension to your closet. Lastly, we also want to give you the illusion that although we are just an online store, we want to make you feel as if your in an actual storefront with us and with everything goes on in a store, you are our main focus from as soon as you walk in empty handed until you leave with more bags than you could hold. We plan on achieving this vision by two simple and effective steps, affordable prices and excellent customer service. 


Why Should You Shop With SheBadBoutique? 

The reason why you, or anyone should shop with SheBadBoutique is simple. We provide excellent customer service, great quality merchandise at an affordable price, an easy shopping experience, and fast shipping.  



We At SheBadBoutique Wants To Thank You For Taking Time Out Your Busy Day To Stop By And Read Our Story As Well As Shop With Us, If You Have Any Questions Please Feel Free To Contact Us Any Time. To Contact, Click Here